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The Blind KingĀ® - obscurer than thou

"Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world." - Annie Lenox


Review in The Noise

From The Noise, re: our Dec 30th show w/ The Vinyl Skyway:

The ranks of The Blind King have swelled to eight: Josh Boughey's acoustic guitar and voice are supplemented by harmony vocals, bass, (minimalist) drums, accordion, electric guitar, trumpet, and Andy Santospago (pulling double duty tonight) on the proverbial kitchen sink, which includes 6-string electric, lap steel, mandolin, and theremin. Boughey's songs have stately tempos and simple harmonic structures which leave plenty of space for each member to play in without crowding. No one overplays, so it doesn't turn into a sea of mud, but many of my favorite moments come when melody lines on different instruments almost fuse into new hybrids---anyone for trumpordian? Drummer Ned Armsby is fairly new to the lineup, but his presence transforms the band, defining the pulse more sharply and adding texture without overwhelming the hazy, melancholic mood. (Doug Mayo-Wells)