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Benefit show in R.I. this SUNDAY

We're playing on this cool bill down in R.I., it's a benefit for MoveOn PAC. We're the opening band, and the sets are 1/2 hr long, so it will be interesting to see how it works out logisitcally. SO many cool acts on the bill with us, including Ida, one of my all-time favorite bands, ever! Here's the poop:

ROCK ON for MOVE ON [an all-day outdoor CONCERT to benefit MoveOn PAC ].

SUNDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2004 2pm - 11pm - Rain or Shine

Fleet Skating Center, downcity Providence, R.I. [kennedy plaza]

$5 donation

-this concert is going to be a rock and roll marathon, with 17 bands from rhode island, northhampton, boston and new york city, volunteering their time and talent to raise money and awareness for MoveOn PAC

-the event is being organized by chris daltry, along with josh miller, who is hosting the event as part of his annual HOT CLUB WATERFRONT FESTIVAL [this year held downtown at the skating rink instead of at the HOT CLUB in providence]. the hot club waterfront festival is a 3 day outdoor live music event beginning friday 10 september and ending with this separate benefit concert on sunday

-admission is a $5 donation to MoveOn PAC. larger donations will gladly be accepted. all of the money collected will go to MoveOn PAC. our goal in organizing this event is to help JOHN KERRY defeat GEORGE W. BUSH in the upcoming november election. since MoveOn PAC shares our goal, they have been chosen by us to be the financial recipients of this benefit concert

[order of bands subject to change]:

2:00 -the blind king
2:30 -ida
3:00 -lucky 57
3:30 -anders parker [varnaline] with kendall meade
4:00 -the 'mericans
4:40 -sleepyhead
5:00 -spouse
5:30 -the chilblains
6:00 -the bob kendall band
6:30 -su casa
7:00 -the blizzard of 78
7:30 -charlie chesterman and the motorbikes
8:00 -international penpal
8:30 -sibling rivalry
9:00 -mudboy
9:30 -mahi mahi
10:00 -lightning bolt

-information on individual bands is available. music styles range from
roots/alternative country, rock & roll, pop and experimental.

-event organizer and contact person: chris daltry

[401] 353-1759 / [401] 861-4244 / themericans@yahoo.com